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Amber Nelson is a New York who just moved to L.A. and comedian who performs stand up, sketch, and improv at UCB and throughout. She has appeared in Mash Up on Comedy Central, as well as the New York Television Festival in From Adam. She is currently on the maude team- The Prom, and has previously performed with Thunder Gulch, Neighbor Boy, and Gorilla Gorilla. She hosts the UCB East stand up show Late Night Stand with Rob Stern, where they previously hosted Gutbucket. She is also a part of Eric Drysdale's The Man With F.E.E.E.T. and has performed the piece in Los Angeles and New York. She is typing this on her couch at the moment, and thinking of making a snack.

She's also appeared on/written for: Netflix's "Characters," MTV's "Guy Code," "Almost Genius" on TruTV, "What's your F&cking Deal" on Seeso.

Amber's Channel

  • Rough_hang_podcast

    Rough Hang

    Mike Lawrence, Amber Nelson and Dan St Germain host a podcast for the type of people who ruin parties. They're basically what would happen if the back of the Greyhound bus started posting weekly content. Each week the hosts bring something they hate to The Woodshed, and tear the topics to pieces like a hungry dog at the dump. They also highlight a 'best worst person' of the week. And finally, they end on a bit of sunshine while trying to find something good in their miserable lives. Give a listen!