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Hey. So here’s my story: I grew up in Belleville, New Jersey and graduated from Montclair State University. After college, I made low-budget TV commercials for a few years, but decided to move to LA after working on Clerks II. I was a production assistant on some other stuff you’ve probably heard of too, but who cares? I got into comedy through podcasts - things took a turn for the awesome when I met Greg Behrendt & Dave Anthony in 2010, and later created the glossary for WalkingTheRoom.com. That not only lead me to help run a comedy show at M Bar - where I began doing stand-up – but also got the attention of Sam Tripoli, who asked me to be a guest on his podcast. A few months later, I joined the The Naughty Show as a producer and cast member, and now? Here we are. I’ve appeared on Sirius XM, DEATHSQUAD, This Week In, and I’m a regular on What’s Good? with Freddy Lockhart on Toad Hop. I have a Telly Award for advertising and I’ve produced indie features, music videos, web series and podcasts. I hope you think I’m funny and cool!

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